Kevin Lapin


After receiving a high school diploma from Charles Wright Academy and a degree in French and Education from Dartmouth College, Kevin lived in Paris for several years working in turns as a teacher, translator, waiter at a Sri Lankan run Tex-Mex restaurant and finally as a financial journalist covering the French future’s exchange market. Good times.

Kevin returned to the great Northwest just in time to land a job working for a new online bookstore, right in the iridescent midst of the great dot-com bubble. In addition to helping launch a website from an office park somewhere in Slough, England, Kevin worked as a customer service representative, trainer and marketing manager organizing promotional auctions, including one that involved producers from the Oprah show yelling at him on the phone almost daily.

Around this time, Kevin began studying movement and theater at the Freehold Studio Lab in Seattle and performed in several small fringe productions. He also toured elementary schools, performing stories written by students as a member of the Imaginators (this was before the Story Pirates existed).

Kevin eventually left his day job working at Amazon to pursue theater and acting full-time which led him back to France, where in addition to ingesting lots of cheese and wine, he trained at the inimitable Lecoq school.

In France, he co-created the absurdly fun Mad Maths (over 600 performances and counting!) and was the co-founder of the theater company Sous un autre Angle, under whose auspices he also produced and performed in the award winning Brementown for the Avingon festival.

In New York, Kevin co-founded the Gold No Trade theater company with whom he helped create several shows including: Floating Brothel, which tells the story of three female convicts’ harrowing year-long voyage from the underbelly of 18th century London to the underside of the world; and The Pinks, A darkly comic spy drama of real-life Confederate spy Rose Greenhow and the first female detective, Kate Warne.

Kevin then decided to go back to school to become a health care provider (just like his dear old dad). He is now a board certified adult nurse practitioner and works as a primary care provider at Sunrise Medical Group.

Kevin has traveled extensively in Europe, Africa and Asia and lives in Brooklyn with his beautiful wife Debbie and their two children, Niko and Rafi.