Kevin Lapin

A Gathering

A dark and gritty, metaphysical thriller that questions the nature of identity and bodied presence.

As three people hide from an unseen threat, narratives break down and language spirals out of control. The post-apocalyptic piece fuses movement theatre, spoken word, and immersive design to take the audience on a unique and layered journey.

Developed over nearly a year in residency at the Brooklyn Lyceum, “A Gathering” featured a rotating cast of company members. On any given night a different constellation of actors  perform the three parts of Alaska, the teenage girl who survived the flood, Fuller, a nervous and prickly killer, and Bantam, the 50-year-old trying to hold this trio of refugees together.

Read an interview with company founders Melanie Armer and Chance Meuhleck or visit The Nerve Tank website.

A voice. A fire pit. Sockeroe.

Prickly pear.

They were curious. They had so little. They had each other.
“Such an old story,” she said. “What if it finds us?”
He gave her his legs. It was then that she pointed at him.
The night opened up like a memory…